Nancy & Leo are married!

We did not wait. Sequestered at home with nothing better to do, we opted for the certainty of married life - whatever comes, we want to face it together.

We were married in the smallest possible private ceremony - just us; the priest, Fr. Phil Sliwinski; and two witnesses, Leo's son Ashley and his (and our) beloved Rowan - on March 26th, 2020, at St. Joseph's church in Weare Township, Michigan.

Afterward our "temporary family unit" of 4 met for an unexpectedly grand wedding repast, featuring hunter's stew, a delightful (and delicious) wedding cake, and lots more - all expertly made and elegantly served/presented by Ashley and Rowan.

We regret that we could not include you, our community of family, friends, and loved ones, in our happy event. But we look forward to celebrating with you at our reception - hopefully on June 20. We'll keep you posted.